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Bug#246066: beta 3 install report sparcstation LX -- success

Blars Blarson wrote:
> > > When editing sources.list (why isn't a more user freindly editor than
> > > nano available -- even vi would be better) I hit ^Z thinking it might
> > > get me to a shell.  It hung the system, requiring a reboot to get out.
> > > What package should I report this bug on?
> > Probably busybox or nano.
> nano is (or claims to be) a general purpous editor.  How should it
> know it's not being called from a normal shell?  I don't think busybox
> is involved at this point, the error is in the program calling nano
> that doesn't expect its child to suspend itself.  Immediatly sending
> the child a SIGCONT in this case would be reasonable.
> So the question is which package is calling nano?

This is a base-config bug I guess.

see shy jo

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