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Bug#246327: Done and more info?

Hi Scott,

> Thanks for your installation reports!
> I have closed the first one since the second (newer) report is as rehash
> the same issues.
> This sounds like a major case of hard drive confusion. First off, let's
> ignore your definitions of SATA #1 and SATA #2.
> Could you attach outputs from Linux fdisk for both drives (and the
> identifiers used) as well as your complete grub configuration? (Found in
> /boot/grub/)

Thanks for your response; I'm glad to be of help.  'aptitude' really knocks
the socks off of Suse and Mandrake updaters, though installation has been a
pain.  However, after using Un*x/Linux for a number of years, it's high time
I learn this stuff.

I have two SATA disks, but for some reason they are referred to /dev/hda and
/dev/hde.  (I would have guessed /dev/hde and hdf.)

The information I've attached reflects continued work on my installation.
   * First, I reran d-i in expert mode so I could create a /boot partition
(ext2) and a 2 Gb swap partition.  Root is reiserfs.
   * Second, when I reran d-i I decided to cross my fingers and see what
would happen if I let it place GRUB on (hd0).  It clobbered the MBR on my
first hard drive.  So I learned about WinXP recovery and fixmbr.
(Thankfully it worked just fine.)  A painful but effective way to prove that
either d-i or GRUB is using *relative* instead of *absolute* hdn notation.
   * Third, d-i wrote my grub/menu.lst booting on hd1. As mentioned in my
installation report this is interpreted as disk 1; I manually changed this
and the default to hd0.
   * Finally, as grub/menu.list indicates, I've been trying to create my own
custom 2.6.5 kernel.  I'm on my third compile but the darn thing keeps dying
with an error message like "Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on
unknown-block(0,0)".   I've tried ensuring IDE, SATA, ext2 and reiserfs are
compiled into the kernel to no avail.


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