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Bug#246220: lo-mem installation on sparc32

On Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:57:02 +0200, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:

>> 3. no keyboard selection at all. Later, with priority=medium,
>>    I could select 'keyboard' from main menu, but only got the
>>    alternatives 'sun keyboard / USB keyboard', but no german
>>    layout. Very bad.
>> 4. DHCP only worked on second try.
>> 5. partitioner did not start.
>> Currently, netboot works _far_ better than this iso!
>Can you please be a little bit more verbose as to which of these problems
>are specific to the iso boot and which are due to the very low memory. Do
>the DHCP, partman and keyboard problems also occur when netbooting the same

3.: the keyboard selection seems to have changed recently. Older ISOs 
and netboot presented a list of keymaps, but no sun/USB choice. On 
VC4, there is no hint about memory problems.

4.: DHCP used to work flawlessly, both with old ISOs and netboot. 

5.: I was never able to start partman in the past, messages on VC4
report paging errors, so I assume it is due to low mem. But the 
disk is an old RedHat installation, so manually creating file systems 
worked before.

I am going to test the new ISO tonight.


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