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Re: d-i beta3 ramblings...

[Michael Banck]
>> I can understand if 'discover' simply doesn't support ISA any more -
>> it's been legacy for too long already. However, "ne" was not added
>> to /etc/modules, so on reboot I was unable to access the LAN until I
>> loaded the module and /etc/init.d/networking restart.
> This /might/ be due to a bug in current testing discover-data package.

It never supported ISA.  It is not implemented.  It might be possible
to lift some code from the detect package, which did support ISA, but
no-one have spent the time doing it yet.

Patches are welcome, but the discover developers are not giving ISA
any priority at the moment, and I suspect you will have to pay Progeny
hard cash to change their priority on ISA support. :)

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