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Bug#244884: Sarge Installation Report

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 07:26:34AM -0700, Paul Mackinney wrote:
> 2. The menus were easy to use, and figure out, but I'm not a newbie and
> I didn't see any help text such as "use the tab and arrow keys to
> highlight your selection, then press Enter". We should have two kinds of
> help available throughout the process: One that tells you how to use the
> keys, another that provides context-sensitive help.

> 5. At one point I hit the "back" button, and got to a screen I hadn't
> encountered yet, a long list of things to do in an approximately
> sensible order.

Something I always wanted to ask:

What's the rationale for calling it 'back'? It seems to mean 'back to 
main menu', but I guess the casual user will think it takes him to
exactly the previous screen and will be caught by surprise.

It would be fine if this was explained in a general help screen (is
it?) like the one suggested above, but renaming it to 'back to main
menu' or 'main menu' would perhaps be less misleading for users.

Especially when you have to consider that apparently the only way to
skip configuring your network (nowadays most every box is equipped with
a NIC, but a lot of newbies won't have a network cable plugged in) is to
push 'back' after DHCP failed. IMHO, this is a major usability faux-pas,
although I acknowledge that this is a standard error message. I've filed
a bug for that now, FWIW.

A more elegant solution would be to check for a plugged in cable I
guess (as seems to do ifplugd), has this been considered (at least for
sarge+1)? Is ethdetect the right package to file a wishlist bug for

Hrm, I guess I got side-tracked a bit here, sorry.


Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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