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Bug#244717: Installer freezes

reassign 244717 hw-detect
reassign 228960 hw-detect
severity 244717 serious
severity 228960 serious
merge 244717 228960

On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 20:11 +0200, HoloFighter wrote:
> I tried to install Sarge on my notebook (Dell Inspiron 8000). I used the 
> NetInstaller (beta 2 and beta 3) BusinessCard (beta 3). The installer 
> freezes in every version at the same point ("Skipping unavailable module 
> 'ide-floppy' for 'Linux IDE-floppy'"). I tried the installation with 
> de_AT/German (no deadkeys) and en_US/American English for 
> language/keymap, the result was the same. At the moment, I'm using 
> Knoppix 3.3 (thats also where the lspci output is from) and would really 
> like to upgrade to a real Debian system as soon as possible
> I also know that the installer freezes at the same point on Gericom 
> Blockbuster notebooks (but i forgot which version i tried).

Yeah, I believe this is the PCMCIA issue again. Same as #228960, see
that bug for a manual fix you can apply. I'm merging them.


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