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Re: d-i, FAI, quik-installer for oldworld, debconf4

Hi Colin,

> For what it's worth, if you have trouble, I think I can manage to put
> together an untested quik-installer based on my experience with
> yaboot-installer and on the existing code in boot-floppies, and punt it
> over to you for testing.

I would be glad to take your offer. How do you mean to punt it over to me ? 
C/would you add just add some piecs of a quik-installer into svn ? I would 
start the quik-installer with just something like  
packages/arch/hppa/palo-installer/debian/isinstallable and add some shell 
code to set open firmware...  While you're at it (and with your experience 
from yaboot-installer ;-) could you also please integrate that in d-i, so it 
get's executed on oldworld systems ? As I sad, I would be glad to test your 
code and develop it further.


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