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Re: d-i, FAI, quik-installer for oldworld, debconf4

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 02:46:45PM +0200, Holger Levsen wrote:

> I am a little unsure how to test it on my own: Since my only oldworld system 
> to develop with is a pmac4400 at the moment I have to boot if from floppies. 
> Then I'll usually insert the net-drivers floppy and install from a 
> debian-mirror (which includes daily built d-i packages). Should/can I use the 
> cd-drivers floppy and build my own cd-iso-image, which will then include my 
> unsubmitted new code ??

That or create your own mirror of d-i (e.g,. debmirror
--section=main/debian-installer & apt-ftparchive) and put your udebs 

I'd be happy to make my scripts for building a d-i + base mirror 
available if anyone really wants them. They aren't pretty but they work
(or at least they used to).


Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!

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