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Re: SW-RAID support (was: Who do you have to sleep with...)

On Monday 12 April 2004 00:21, W. Borgert wrote:
> Well, some people at Debian are very much interested in
> SW-RAID.  If only to use it on their Atari ST.
> Paul, it would be absolutely great, if your current work
> would go into d-i SVN.  Even if you think, that it's not
> perfect yet.  Your ISO didn't work for me, but if you put it
> in SVN, other people can try to enhance it.  If you don't
> have much time at the moment, maybe you could send your code
> to one of the d-i guys for check-in?  Joey?  Christian?

I can check it in, if that is what people want (I should have access for it 
Right now I have 2 (udeb)packages: mdcfg and partman-md. So, I just put them 
in trunk/packages/mdcfg and trunk/packages/partman/partman-md ?

"mdcfg" kinda works, but the partman part is bugging me a bit.
However, before anything works a mdadm-udeb is needed. I supose I just get in 
touch with the maintainer (joussen) of mdadm, right?

> Mark, if you can test d-i SW-RAID support, this is great.
> Testing (incl. giving qualified test reports) is the single
> most important task for d-i, IMHO.

I'm afraid it fails at everything right now :-) But with a bit of luck it 
might soon work ;-)

Paul Fleischer // ProGuy
<proguy at proguy dot dk>
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