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Bug#242021: back to main menu after reading net-drivers.floppy (2004-04-04, oldworld ppc, netinstall with floppies)

Sven Luther wrote:
> > How can it tell that base-installer is being treated differently
> > than other packages?
> Because it is an .udeb, and is originating from the debian-installer
> folk.

Right, but where do I see if it's an .udeb? Where is that information? The Sources and Packages files don't contain the extension.

> Probably just using a list of packages which are in the power of the d-i
> team would be enough, you could write the above stuff, and a warning
> that this is a d-i package, and thus gets handled manually ? 

79 source packages have debian-boot@lists.debian.org listed as maintainer. Are all those banned from testing at the moment, or only a subset of them?


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