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Re: More facts about the TW issue (was: Re: Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?)

--- Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:
> Indeed, I found yesterday that the iso-3166 list and
> FAQ gives incorrect reasons for giving TW this
controversial name.
it is correct.
> They mention that the name comes from the UN list of
> "country, regions
> and other areas for statistical use". They even
> point to the UN web
> site for this list....where neither "Taiwan" nor
> "Taiwan, province of
> China" are listed!
As said in the ISO 3166 FAQ, the source is the
following _two_, not just the second yo
u mentioned.

    * United Nations Terminology Bulletin Country
Names or
    * Country and Region Codes for Statistical Use of
the UN Statistics Division

  It is a formal standard and seems won't have that
kind of bug.
> It indeed looks like ISO-3166 is a bit late after
> UN. The UN list
> probably included "TW=Taiwan, province of China" in
> the past. However,
> they currently DO NOT HAVE TW at all (probably a
> side effect of Taiwan
> not being anymore a member of UN since 1971).
> This point needs more investigation : if the
> reference ISO-3166
> maintenance agency used is wrong, then the standard
> should change. I
> will try to find more information about a possible
> future change
> (which we could then anticipate).
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