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Re: partman-auto question: modifying recipes

On  5.IV.2004 at 14:21 Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Each recipe is one file, so I could either a) overwrite the recipe
> with my own or b) modify the file and add the boot partition at the
> beginning.

I think that partman-auto should provide different recipes depending
on the architecture.

> particularly beautiful.  I was wondering if it would be possible to
> put each recipe into a directory which files for each partition,
> i.e.  something like:
> recipes/
>    atomic/
>      003_root
>      007_swap

I think it is better to create completely new recipe when there is
a need to.

> Also, partman-auto hardcodes many things, for example:
>      perform_recipe: ext2|ext3|linux-swap|fat16|fat32)
>      recipes.sh: ext2|ext3|xfs|reiserfs|linux-swap|fat16|fat32)
> Shouldn't this be gathered on the fly?

These should list all file systems recognised by parted (not all file
systems supported by partman and partman-auto).  The first list has to
be extended, but otherwise everything is OK.

> Finally, I also looked at partman-palo... -palo is not considered in
> -auto at all, so I guess people using automatic partitions on HPPA
> will end up with a partition table that -palo will complain about.


Anton Zinoviev

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