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Re: Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?

Herbert Xu wrote:
> Tetralet <tetralet@pchome.com.tw> wrote:
> > People who install Debian via debian-installer will find that "Taiwan" 
> > was replaced with "Taiwan, Province of China".
> > They may not detect immediately that this country code is based on ISO-3166,
> > But they will think that Debian is discriminating against Taiwan people.
> > It will not be a very good first impression to Debian users.
> > 
> > And, It is a gross disparagement to Taiwan people.
> > Thus some of us may refuse to use Debian anymore.
> Who cares? It'd be much better if you didn't use Debian at all.

It's been pointed out to me, that a newcomer to this mailing list might
get the impression that Herbert Xu's statement above is representative
of the opinions or policies of the Debian Installer team. I want to make
clear that it is not. Specifically, we support Taiwanese users of Debian
and the Debian Installer, and we appreciate the work Tetralet is doing
on translating the installer to the zh_TW locale.

Christian Perrier, Alastair McKinstry, and others have been working to
find ways to make the way countrychooser presents countries acceptable
to everyone. It's delicate work, they've been doing a good job, and I
think we should give them a chance to succeed in that before considering
any other solutions.

I suggest that anyone who has an idea on the matter, tell it to
Christian and Alastair. A large discussion/flamewar, as seems to be
brewing on several Debian mailing lists, is unlikely to help resolve the
situation, and will only destract many of us from getting the next beta
of the installer ready by the end of this month.

If we still have a problem in a couple of weeks, then perhaps we'll have
to decide it's unresolvable, and throw out the idea of the installer
prompting for countries in its current form.

see shy jo

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