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Bug#241817: install: does not create yaboot partition


> You are welcome to provide information on the oldworld partitioning
> requirement, especially those needed for quik.

Ok, what I know is:
1. no need for a "NewWorld bootblock"-partition as yaboot/newworld needs,
(Currently none gets created on my system.)

2. quik is very old (1998?) and someone (I could search who) mentioned, that 
the kernel image has to be on the first blocks of the harddisc to be found by 
quik, so on a 120gb harddisc there must be at least four partitions: 
Apple_partition_map, /boot, / (root) and swap. Unfortunatly I have no idea, 
where the limit is. I'm testing here with to hds: a Quantum Fireball with 
1.2gb and a Samsung "whatever" with 120gb. As soon as I made my first 
succesfull install on the big disc I will report it here.

3. On some Systems OpenFirmware variables has to be set to boot from hard disc 
instead of floppy. On an PowerMac 4400/2000 the commands to do it are:

nvsetenv boot-device ata/ata-disk@0:0
nvsetenv boot-file "/boot/vmlinux-2.4.25-powerpc-small"
nvsetenv output-device   screen
nvsetenv input-device    kbd

For other modells it must be similar (with other values...) but really I don't 
know since I only have experience with oldworld hardware for three month :(

hope that helped,

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