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Bug#241559: installation report, IBM HS20 blade

Bruce Walker wrote:
> Comments/Problems: 
> This was an install on an IBM HS20 blade.  It uses a USB CDROM and 
> floppy.  Installation was ultimately successful, but... 
> Using netinst CDROM, it loaded the kernel fine and started the 
> installer. After the HW detection, it could not see the CDROM to mount 
> it (at least it gave a nice prompt saying it couldn't find it, and to 
> hit enter to try again). lsmod revealed that usb-ohci was not loaded. 
> Loading it found all the USB hardware, but the installer still didn't 
> see cdrom when I tried to continue beyond the prompt. 
> Workaround: as soon as the installer booted up to the language prompt 
> (before hardware auto-detection), activated an alternate console and 
> manually did modprobe to load usb-ohci and usb-storage (not sure if 
> latter would be required, but did it anyway).  Then it was happy after 
> going through the hw detection, and the rest of the installation was 
> fine. 

hw-detect only loads usb-storage if it sees a usb bus.
So the only problem is probably a missing PCI id for your USB
controller in discover1-data. Could you send the necessary info?

see shy jo

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