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Re: Please fix an inconsistency on how the hostname is configured in d-i

Walter Tautz wrote:
> I just tried the March 31, i386 iso 120 Mb image and noticed that upon initial
> boot that the hostname configuration portion of the network configuration allows
> hostnames to have a dot in it -- perfectly OK, please leave it WHEREAS once the
> system reboots and one goes hostname configuration of the Debian Base system
> configuration dots are NOT allowed suddenly for the hostname.  My suggestion is
> to correct this by ALLOWING dots. Clearly anyone who knows what they're doing
> will realize that dots are allowed in hostname. Afterall the ndots option in
> /etc/resolv.conf recognizes this possibility. Perhaps exim configuration can
> also be told to recognize this possibility since it seems to think dots implies
> domain names.... a separate issue I suppose.

I can't reproduce this, base-config is perfectly happy with hostnames
containing dots in my testing.

see shy jo

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