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Bug#241773: Awkward to use Cardbus network cards with hotplug

Package: hotplug
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

Unlike the 16-bit ones, Cardbus cards are managed by hotplug instead
of cardmgr. The latter only enables the card and then lets hotplug
load the correct module and configure it.

Because of the decision to ifup interfaces with the "hotplug" logical
interface, using Cardbus network cards is not as easy anymore. Now
they are not configured automatically like 16-bit PCMCIA cards but
need a special mapping stanza in /etc/network/interfaces. And what's
most difficult is that I don't really know how to implement support
for these cards in d-i since there doesn't seem to be an easy way to
determine if a specific card is a Cardbus card.

I wonder, is there still a good reason to call ifup with =hotplug? On
my system, discover and modutils is started before hotplug, so hotplug
shouldn't get any events for the cards loaded by them. Even if it's
not an optimal solution, reverting to the old behaviour of ifup'ing
interfaces the normal way would make it substantially easier to use
Cardbus cards.


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