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Must debian-installer use iso-codes package when choosing country?

I'm Tetralet, the the main Traditional Chinese translator for the

When testing the debian-installer daily built CD images (2004-03-27),
In the second step, "Choose a country, territory or area",
We found that "Taiwan" is replaced with "Taiwan, Province of China".
But it is not acceptable for the Taiwan people.

Taiwan is NOT, and has NEVER been a province of China, if "China" means
"People's Republic of China".

After some tracking,
I think the iso-codes package seems to be the cause,
and iso-codes is based on ISO-3166, an international standard.
I think it's no use to argument about ISO-3166.
It is an international standard after all...

In KDE, there is a similar case: (you may visit
http://www.kde.org/international/ for more details)

"Our policy regarding the sites listed above is simple:
If somebody goes through the trouble of creating a KDE website,then we
will include it in this list.
Furthermore, we will /not/ override the site creator's preference for
what to call their geographical area (e.g., calling the Taiwan site
"Taiwan" instead of "China")."

And it is the F&Q of ISO-3166.
(Please visit
for more details)

"Since Taiwan is not a UN member it does not figure in the UN bulletin
on country names.
The publication /Country and region codes for statistical use/ gives the
name we use in ISO 3166-1.
By adhering to UN sources the ISO 3166/MA stays politically neutral."

But, does UN really stay politically neutral?

Must debian-installer use "iso-codes" package when choosing country,
Even though it will hurt some people, like people who living in Taiwan?

I think debian-installer should try to avoid political argument,
Especially debian-installer is the gate to Debian GNU/Linux.

And, I think that using the data form "iso-codes" package violates the
"The Debian Free Software Guidelines":

*No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups

So, I suggest that debian-installer should not use the data form
"iso-codes" package as country code.
We should try to found something else to replace the "iso-codes" package
in debian-installer.

Sorry for the disturbance and so many political opinions.

Best Regards.


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