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Re: speakup and debian-installer

On Friday 02 April 2004 13:17, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
> (2) If the kernel is not speakup-patched, how do we detect this in
> kbd-chooser (the system map will not be shipped in d-i)?
> Does it make more sense just to not offer speakup in
> kbd-chooser, or ship a speakup-variant of d-i with
> speakup kernel and keymap?

Why should 'speakup' be selected by default at all? I would expect 'standard' 
to be selected as the default by d-i.

I noticed only after submitting this bugreport that speakup is a keyboard 
variant after you choose query - US American - standard (not USB).
The options presented are: speakup, standard, US international (ISO-8859-1), 
US international (ISO-8859-15), with Latin1.

I think it is great that Debian supports extensions for blind people, but I 
would not want them selected by default for my systems.
If they are selected by default I would again have error messages if I compile 
my own kernel without speakup support.
So please make 'standard' the default selection for d-i.



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