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Bug#241228: Oldworld from floppy, installing the kernel fails

Hello all ;)

> > Would it be possible to restrict use of "-powerpc-small" kernel to just
> > the floppy with miboot?
> Yeah, i am thinking of doing this, would be more reasonable for now. 

me also thinks this is a good idea.

> The
> main idea was that it is better to use the same kernel for di as for the
> final install, but this brings more problem than helps, at least for
> now.

yep. and didn't you say, the -small flavor only exists because of floppy 
images ?

> Yeah. That said important drivers like reiserfs or xfs are built modular
> right now, so ...

yes, but ain't those drivers more important for data partitions not boot 
partitions ?

another mail, same topic:

>> Is there support for setting open firmware values in debian-installer at 
>> moment ?
>Not yet, but you are welcome to provide patches.

We'll see, I will try to setup a d-i build this weekend or next week (should I 
start with i386 or is it equally easy on powerpc?), but I've also got some 
offline stuff todo...


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