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Bug#241478: partman: fatal error : OK - cancel ?

Quoting Yann Dirson (ydirson@altern.org):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20040331
> Tags: d-i
> Requesting autopartitionning of my blank 200Mb HD (qemu disk image created
> with dd if=/dev/zero), I get a red screen (in english, whereas the install
> is otherwise in french), telling that automatic partitionning failed,
> probably because there is not enough space.
> This in itself look suspect.

No. Auto-partitioning is only possible for bigger disks. I don't
remember which size is the limit.

> And below that I get 2 buttons : "back" and "continue".  In what are those
> supposed to be different ?  Reminds me of the old Windows dialog proposing
> "OK" and "Cancel" when a fatal error occured - no offense meant :)

Uh. That would mean the errors dialogs get the two buttons which is
definitely not what expected...

However, I'm not really sure which package you *really*
used...because, you seem to have been hit by some bad handling of the
"Back" buttons.

Others should be able to have better ideas than myself..:)

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