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Bug#239560: base-config: Set default mirror site patch

At Wed, 24 Mar 2004 07:26:47 +0100,
Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Kenshi Muto (kmuto@debian.org):
> Sure. However, when running the Debian Installer, iso-3166-udeb will
> have been installed, so we indeed have the iso_3166.tab file from it.
> But, that's better to test both files as base-config may be used
> outside d-i in a context where users have removed (or never installed,
> in case of old upgraded boxes) iso-3166-udeb

Well, I found iso_3166.tab in iso-codes causes trouble apt-setup.

iso_3166.tab in iso-codes includes "," with country name (such as
"Korea, Republic of" or "Congo, The Democratic Republic of").
Current apt-setup makes debconf choices from these names, but ","
confuses it.

iso3166.tab in libc6 doesn't include "," (at least this time), so
this problem doesn't become.


Kenshi Muto

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