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move to svn

A few things on the move. 

I suggest everyone read the top-level repository README:

.cvsignore files have been converted to svn:ignore properties, and
svn:keywords has been enabled on every file in the tree that has an Id

The web page and README have been updated for subversion. Other stuff
may still need tweaking.

The repository got wedged several times today. This should not happen
with subversion 1.0, and I suspect it is because of poor and hackish
permissions setup on alioth. See this trouble ticket:

We still need to work out how to handle the manual's translations, which
use cvs revision numbers.

Bastian Blank has a sample reorganised tree in people/waldi in
preparation for moving stuff around in the main tree in that way.
Feel free to add your own subdirs to people for your own stuff.

The old tags from cvs are in tags/fromcvs, and they are quite a mess,
cvs2svn did not deal with partial tree tags well. It will be a large job
to sort them out. Likewise, branches/fromcvs has a number of old
branches. If you know an old branch is not being used it would be ok to
remove it.

see shy jo

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