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Bug#229325: country/region should be used

Quoting Wang WenRui (wangwr@ustc.edu):
> "choosing a country" is NOT fittable, especially when you have a menu
> with "Hong Kong" and "Macau" listed.
> Please change that text to something like "country/region" in the d-i.
> Thanks

I'll try to have a look at ISO-3166 terminology. Using "region" may
also be confusing because we will get people asking for Rhein-Westfalen
or "Nord-Pas de Calais"...or (ultra high provocation) Tibet.

I think the name is "country or territory" or something like this.

But, well, in 99% of cases, the name "country" is appropriate. Maybe
ask for removal of Hong-Kong and Macau from ISO-3166....:-)

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