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Bug#238504: Debian Installer Report

Package: Installation-reports
Debian Installer Version: Beta 3 Floppies (Boot,root and Net-drivers 20040314 from ftp.nz.debian.org)
Date: Midnight 17 March 04 NZDT
Method: boot from locally rewritten floppies - (tested on an ASUS L3500D - worked fine)
Machine: Acernote Nuovo 970MMX
Processor: Intel Pentium 166MMX
Memory: 48Mb SODIMM EDO ram
Root Device 2Gb IBM IDE HD
Base System Installation Checklist:
Initial boot worked:        OK
Configure network HW:  failed
Failed to detect Realtek 8139 Cardbus NIC.
I have the manufacturers disk which contains the source code rtl8139.c file and an install.txt file for containing the instructions for compiling the "realtek_cb.o" module and installing it into a working system. I can provide these or they are contained in a zip file which can be downloaded from:
Pse note that I am unable to use a CD installation on this machine as it now longer has an operable CDROM drive.

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