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Bug#233147: installation report

bornagain@gibnynex.gi wrote:

David Nusinow wrote:
Hi Nathan,
  Could you please send the output of lspci -n, as well as the correct
XFree86 driver for your card in the version 4.3 Debian packages? Thank

Sorry for sending you on a wild goose chase - I carefully recreated the steps to build the system and I discovered that the problem is not the video driver, but rather the fact that I had upgraded to the 2.6.2 kernel before testing the Xserver, and the 2.6 kernel doesn't autodetect/install the ps2 mouse driver (psmouse). The actual error generated is 'no devices found', but refers to the lack of a mouse input device. The installer does correctly detect the nvidious driver.

I don't know if it is really your job to support this, but it seems that upgrading to 2.6 should somewhere check for ps/2 input devices and set /etc/modules correctly.

BTW, is there a version of the installer with a kernel that supports SATA IDE drives? I'm setting up a default Debian install for the 60 or so desktop systems here, and the only problem I've discovered so far is the lack of support for SATA. I've successfully installed on 10 different machines with the new installer.

Thanks for your effort guys!  The new installer is magic...


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