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Re: netinst.iso 2004-03-08: problem with /etc/apt/sources.list

W. Borgert wrote:
> when asked for the right Debian mirror I chose a local mirror setup
> by myself.  That worked perfectly.  Unfortunately, the security site
> of Debian seems to be included always.  I do not want to have the
> security site in the sources.list, because the machine does not have
> internet access - just local network.
> Did I miss to answer 'no' at some point or is it a d-i bug?

base-config asks about security.debian.org only at medium priority (the
installer runs at high by default). However, this should be ok, because
it tries to add the security sources, and if it fails, leaves them
commented out. You'll see a warning screen about the security updates
not being available, which I judge is better than bothering everyone
else with a question that 99% will answer "yes" to.

see shy jo

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