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Bug#237395: DHCP is used automatically

reassign 237395 netcfg
tags 237395 wontfix d-i
severity 237395 wishlist

Quoting Florian Effenberger (floeff@arcor.de):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20040310
> DHCP is used automatically. I would like to see the woody-behaviour where
> you got asked whether to use DHCP or not.

The question about using DHCP or not is shown at medium priority by
the netcfg package. Try by booting with the "DEBCONF_PRIORITY=medium"
boot parameter.

The automatic use of DHCP only happens on default installs (high
priority). Fallback to static networking happens anyway if DHCP fails.

I think this design choice has been widely debated so I tag this as
wontfix, but leave this bug opened in case others disagree.

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