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Small notes after Installation

Good morning,

during the last weekend I had the oportunity, to test the debian
installer. Nice work you did with it.

Unfortunatly I needed to give the computer back, so I can't send you a
full installation report, but I took some notes during the installation.
I think we used the d-i from 04 of march.

- When choosing what language the installer should use, you come to a
  second screen, where you can choose the country. I think it might be
  more comfotrable for most people, if the first entry would be the one
  with highest population (in my case: german in germany).
- When you choose the keyboard layout, there is one for german keyboard
  without deadkeys, but no with dead keys.
- the installation of grub took quite some time, I first nearly thought,
  it was crashed.
- BTW: Lilo got installed, too. I don't know, why.
- The automatic detection of mouse and monitor worked almost perfect,
  but right after the monitor detection, apt-get installed some
  packages. Since I didn't saw any note, I thought the monitor detection
  went wrong. Perhaps it would be a good, to print a small note, what
  was detected.
- I was impressed how easy it was to install and configure XFree86,
  however: The XFree konfiguration used US-keyboardlayout with 104 keys,
  which was quite confusing.

Yours sincerely,

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