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Bug#236958: should swapon before formatting other filesystems, for lowmem support

On  9.III.2004 at 11:44 Joey Hess wrote:
> > However swap can be turned on in the scripts that do mkfs and turned
> > off back in them.  I am going to do this.
> Well I guess that would work.

I added to definitions.sh two new functions: enable_swap and
disable_swap.  I added them to partman-basicfilesystems.  After a few
minutes I will commit.

> > P.S. You added the command "swapon" to
> > partman-basicfilesystems/mount.d/basic.  
> Yes, I agree. I filed a bug about that, actually.

Now only that is needed is a to invoke disable_swap somewhere in

> What about doing something with the mount.d script output? It seems
> that is designed to allow undoing of mount.d changes, but currently
> it's thrown away and we have this more hardcoded umount_target
> instead.

This was designed to work for filesystems like UMSDOS that can not be
directly mounted and unmounted.

> I was thinking maybe save it to /var, and have umount_target first
> unmount as it does now, and then run the stuff in /var too.

This will not work if the filesystems are mounted by some other tool.

Anton Zinoviev

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