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Re: tasksel translations

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> two days ago I committed the italian translation of tasksel using svn.
> Now I still cannot see the updated result in Denis page.
> Since this is the first time I user svn, I maybe did something wrong.
> Could you please check my commit?

Unfortunatly, this commit happened after the repository was dumped in
preparation for the move. How, I don't know. I have re-added your
changes to the new repository.

If anyone updates tasksel and sees a message like this:

svn: Checksum mismatch for 'debian/.svn/text-base/changelog.svn-base';
expected: '8a9660ca7da1cb33182af983f1a22966', actual:

This is because of the above problem. You'll have to make a fresh
checkout in this case.

There still seem to be several ugly issues with the new system, expect
glitches. :-/

see shy jo

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