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Re: m68k debian-installer call for testers

Little success here to report. I have not managed to get a 2ci to boot
on the images at all (penguin gets to ABCEFGHIJ) and my quadra950
reports that their are several instances of 
EXT2-fs error ....Wrong free inode count in group 0 (and group1 and
leading to a kernel panic - fails to load the root filesystem

penguin log is 

Logging started Friday, March 5, 2004 6:10:26 AM
Penguin App version 19

Logical To Physical Mapping table (V2)
Logical -> physical : length
0x00000000 -> 0x00000000 : 0x06000000

System: 8.1.0
Gestalt ID: 26 (Mac Quadra 950)
CPU: 68040
FPU: 68040 built-in
Physical RAM: 96 MB
Command line is 'boot ramdisk_size=20000'
GUnzipping untitled:Desktop Folder:m68k2:cdrom-vmlinuz
.Kernel format: ELF

The kernel will be located at physical 0x00001000
Kernel at logical address 0x5689330
GUnzipping untitled:Desktop Folder:m68k2:cdrom-vmlinuz
....................Read 1282284 bytes for segment 0, requested 1282284
.Read 85808 bytes for segment 1, requested 85808

Bootstrap's bootinfo version: 2.0
Kernel's bootinfo version	: 2.0
Kernel entry physical is 0x2000
RAM disk at 0x05805330, ends at 0x05912b30, size is 1078 K
Kernel segment 0 at 0x5689330, size 1466562
Kernel segment 1 at 0x57ef400, size 85808
Kernel size is 0x17b000

boot_info is at 0x5804330
boot_info size is dynamic

ramdisk logical target 0x5ef2800
ramdisk physical at 0x5ef2800
ramdisk physical top at 0x6000000

Bootstrap logical 1: 0x00000000
Bootstrap physical : 0x00000000

Dump of bootinfo, version 2.0:
BI_MACHTYPE           = 0x3
BI_CPUTYPE            = 0x4
BI_FPUTYPE            = 0x4
BI_MMUTYPE            = 0x4
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].addr   = 0x00000000
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].size   = 0x06000000
BI_RAMDISK.addr       = 0x05ef2800
BI_RAMDISK.size       = 0x0010d800
BI_COMMAND_LINE       = boot ramdisk_size=20000
BI_MAC_MODEL          = 0x1a
BI_MAC_VADDR          = 0xf9000e00
BI_MAC_VDEPTH         = 0x10
BI_MAC_VROW           = 0x680
BI_MAC_VDIM           = 0x02700340
BI_MAC_VLOGICAL       = 0xf9000e00
BI_MAC_SCCBASE        = 0x50f0c020
BI_MAC_BTIME          = 0x404819d2
BI_MAC_GMTBIAS        = 0x0
BI_MAC_MEMSIZE        = 0x60
BI_MAC_CPUID          = 0x2
BI_MAC_ROMBASE        = 0x40800000

Booting Linux (fasten seat belts, please)...
slot_int_set: slot 0x00, drvr_refnum -49, spID 0xE6, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0

Logging ended Friday, March 5, 2004 6:10:38 AM

On Thu, 2004-03-04 at 06:46, Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> Debian-installer has gotten to the point on m68k that it's ready for a
> few more people than me to try to break it. Ideally, we'd like d-i to
> work before beta 3 gets released in a few weeks.
> I've only tested d-i with a mac Centris 650 running kernel 2.2.25 (2.4
> kernels don't work on the mac). I'd like to see some other macs and 
> amigas make a test run or two.
> I'm working on supporting atari and the vmes, but it'd be nice to know
> that someone out there cares enough to test, otherwise I may not build
> dailies for those subarchs. 
> Installation instructions can be found at 
> might also be useful. Additionally, the mac ram disks require you to
> ramdisk_size=20000 as a kernel parameter. I intend to minimize that
> but for now, I doubt you can do an install in less than 40MB (my box
> 136MB and that's the only testing I know of).
> My daily builds can be found at 
> <http://people.debian.org/~smarenka/d-i/images-m68k/daily/>
> The nativehd ram disk loads everything from the net. The cdrom ram
> loads everything from cdrom.
> Hopefully we'll have official cdroms before too long at
> <http://gluck.debian.org/cdimage/testing/daily/>.
> Don't bother trying to install a distribution other than unstable.
> Please file success and failure bug reports. 
> It would also be nice if someone could work on the documentation.
> For more information, check out
> <http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/> and the debian-boot
> mailing list.
> Thanks,
> Stephen
> -- 
> Stephen R. Marenka     If life's not fun, you're not doing it right!
> <stephen@marenka.net>

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