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Bug#235998: partman: DOes not properly display the french E circumflex

Quoting Giuseppe Sacco (giuseppe@eppesuigoccas.homedns.org):

> We have the same problem with italian, at least for two characters: 'À'
> and '°'.
> Could you please, Christian, add these chars to your file?

I encourage you, Giuseppe, to add these character to an 'i' file in
build/needed-characters. See the "fr" file there.

Please be redundant : even if À is already mentioned in "fr", please
mention it in "it".

INdeed mention here ALL non ASCII characters you need for italian
templates in d-i EVEN if they are already mentioned elsewhere.

As I wrote in another mail, I'll put a note about this in a README
file there as well as in doc/translations.txt

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