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Bug#236184: install: hard drive not found / partitioning fails

Package: install
Severity: important

Using the new debian-installer to install Debian Testing on an Intel
Pentium 166MHz, 64MB RAM, with two hard drives (primary and secondary
master), a CD-ROM (secondary slave), floppy and two network cards. 
The main board is an ASUS P/I-P55T2P4.

(Debian Woody and RedHat 6, 7 and 9 have been successfully installed on
this PC earlier.)

Installing from floppies, since the PC will not boot from CD-ROM.


Floppy images dated 03-Mar-2004 13:21, downloaded from
(boot.img net-drivers.img root.img)


I expect the installation to run to completion, once started.  Instead,
it stops when it comes to the partitioning of hard disks.  

It seems that the system is unable to partion disks, probably because it
has not detected any disks.  I am not able to get any further in the
installation, and am left with an unfinished and unusable installation.


Boots from boot disk.  Inserts root disk when asked.  

Chooses default language, and norwegian keyboard layout.

Loads drivers from net-drivers disk.

My two network cards are found, and I choose one of them to configure 
for the installation.  Configuration via DHCP works.

The "testing" debian version is chosen for installation.

Components of the Debian Installer are downloaded, and the installation 

The installer stops on the menu item "Partition a hard drive".
Virtual console 4 shows a lot of messages about broken dependencies.

Choosing the menu item "Partition a hard drive" by pressing Enter does 
nothing (as far as I can tell), just returns to the same menu again 
after about a second.

Choosing the next menu item, "Configure and mount partitions" (the
drives are already partitioned and formatted with ext2/ext3 from a 
previous installation), gives a message that "No partitions are found". 
Virtual console 3 now shows messages from insmod and modprobe that  
ext3.o, reiserfs.o, jfs.o and xfs.o are not found, and that 
loading these modules failed.

Choosing the menu item "Automatically partition hard drives" gives an
error message that "No disk was automatically detected".  On VC3 is a
message that lvm-mod.o is not found, and that lvm-mod failed to load.

(NB: Note that the two hard drives are found correctly if I use the 
floppies from the beta 2 of the installer.)

Choosing the menu item to save logs and configuration to a floppy
results in no activity on the floppy (and no new files on it
afterwards), and a whole slew of error messages on VC 4, ending in a
series of messages about broken dependencies.

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