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Bug#235444: base-config loops over the same questions

On Sunday 29 February 2004 19:26, Joey Hess wrote:
> I can't reproduce this. What does your /etc/inittab look like?
> Do you have an /etc/inittab.real?
> /usr/lib/base-config/menu/finish is responsible for replacing the
> inittab with one that does not use base-config. Add debugging
> commands to that script.

Ok, I managed to duplicate the process. After the install I do the 
following steps:

1) I did not add another apt source
2) I chose tasksel to select packages
3) I chose nothing in tasksel (just pushed finish)
  In this part tasksel showed a bug, it lists only a few tasks
4) At some point the configuring of the packages fails:

Setting up perl (5.8.3-2)
grep: menu/.mnu: No such file or directory

Since the configuration fails, base-config restarts.

So there, I hope this helped :-)
for tasksel, I think that the tasks should be included by default, 
regardless if the user adds another apt source.
For perl, I think I'll report a bug on it. Unless you know it's a 
known issue...


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