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Re: Is dhcp2 or dhcp3 the default install for Sarge?

Hi Luke,

I believe the debian-installer folks are using version 2 of the ISC DHCP
packages for the Sarge installer, but I am not 100% sure so I have Cc'ed
them here for additional input.

The maintainers of the Debian dhcp and dhcp3 packages would like to
replace the dhcp packages (ISC DHCP v2) with version 3 of the ISC DHCP
package, and get rid of the dhcp3 packages. It's been in our to-do list
for some time now but we haven't gotten around it yet. Feedback from the
debian-installer team about this move would be appreciated.



On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 10:31:49AM -0500, Luke Seubert wrote:
> Good day,
> In an effort to ensure that the Debian page on DistroWatch.com (1) is as 
> up to date as possible, could you please reply to this email and 
> indicate if dhcp2.0pl5-16.1 or dhcp3.0+3.0.1rc11-5 is the default 
> version of dhcp to be installed for Sarge?
> I have forwarded other updates about Debian packages to Mr. Ladislav 
> Bodnar, maintainer of DistroWatch, and he has accepted them. However, a 
> question has arisen about the default install for dhcp in Sarge. 
> Many thanks,
> Luke Seubert
> (1) http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=debian

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