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Default groups for first user [was: Shadow package NMU in preparation for l10n issues]

On Wednesday 03 March 2004 17:05, Christian Perrier wrote:
> 233894 may induce some discussion (is it OK to automatically add the
> first user to system groups like cdrom, audio and so on). This is not
> critical thus we can delay it.
Suggestion: make this dependent on debconf PRIORITY.

HIGH: add user automatically; this would mostly be used by end-users installing
a desktop, probably for single user
MEDIUM: show dialog with some groups (like audio, cdrom) preselected by default
LOW: show dialog with no groups preselected by default

It would be nice if some explanation of the use of each group would be given
in the dialog.

I think there is little or any real security risk if this feature would be
well documented and explained in the installation manual.


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