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offline translators - useful script

My name is Eddy Petrisor and I have recently joined the di
project as a translator for the Romanian languge.

Hopefully,  I will be able to join as a developer, but at
the moment I don't have internet access at home...

This raises the reasons behind the "scripts"...

And now the questions:
I got a cvs account but the place where I can access the
internet does not support http tunneling. 
Is there a web interface for the cvs that supports 
uploading/downloading the tree, not only the browsing?

If not, it will be very hard for me to update the po
files... Or does the mailing list supports this through :

Send to debian-boot
You may also send the translations to the debian-boot
mailing list.
Please use [INTL:xx] in Subjects where xx is your language
(or xx_YY)

If so (second), how do I specify which of the pot-s is the
one that I update?

Where is the appropriate place to ask about keyboard
Currently I have tried in various ways to acces the
scedilla, Scedilla....  on my keyboard under X...
but no luck! (using woody)

PS: I will get any responses on an other account if you
send them on to the debian-boot list, so please do not cc
me on this account... 4MB can be quite a little, you know.. Thanks

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