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Re: Partitioning schemes for partman-auto

Anton Zinoviev <anton@lml.bas.bg> writes:

> The partitioning schemes of partman-auto currently are only
> examples.  So if you have some idea for usefull partitioning just
> tell it.  I have to know what partitions your scheme has and an
> example size of each partition as well as the minimal and the
> maximal usefull size.  For example:

This is the only partitioning scheme which in my opinion fits for
users who might go with whatever the default is:

/       Whole harddisk
swap    none, but 512M swap file (independent of memory)

Rationale: I don't see any noticeable benefit for Jane User in having
lots of small partitions; and as has been pointed out it always either
wastes space or is prone to overruns.

Swap nowadays only serve to spill pages that haven't been accessed for
hours, or to slow down the system enough so you can kill processes
gone haywire; therefore, it is not performance critical and a swap
file will do just fine and is more flexible WRT resizing.


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