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Re: partman review

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 12:32:29PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Granted, debconf (not cdebconf) has a couple of oddball frontends that
> do not support backing up, but it has the CAPB command not return backup
> if one of those frontends is being used.


> I'd run undo, and then continue, I suppose. It might be better to add a
> boolean question when the user commits the changes, that verifies that
> they want to destroy their data, with a strong warning and a default of
> no.

This boolean question will be a good solution.  At present partman
will not allow you to exit from it without seting up a partition to
mount at /.

> > I added the "Cancel" item only recently.  I think it is safe default
> > because the second item is very dangerous.
> I think it would be better to replace this menu with a boolean question
> with a default of no.


> It might be good to integrate this with bugreporter-udeb instead.

Indeed.  I haven't looked at bugreporter-udeb yet.

> You can do it in debconf, it't just a matter of using a choices list
> like this:
> 	option - description, option - description

I am not sure cdebconf can line-wrap long descriptions.  (I haven't
tried yet, this is just my expectation.)

> Why couldn't I create a 5th partition then? Should I try this again, I'm
> pretty sure it didn't work.

Because then the extended partition would be the 5th primary
partition.  You must be able to create 5th logical partition if the
4th was also logical.

> If you don't mind, I will individual bug reports on the problems I
> found, so we can keep track of their status.


Anton Zinoviev

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