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Bug#234885: Install fails: No network driver (20040225)

On Fri, Feb 27, 2004 at 04:03:38PM -0800, Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> --- Geert Stappers <stappers@stappers.nl> wrote:
> Just for the record I'm not using floppies on this
> laptop (Did I mentionned it was a laptop ?). 
> Also when using beta2 it works better. The first
> hardware detection fails to load the eepro100 module,
> but after I mount the CD and load the installer
> module, there is another hardware detection that loads
> the eepro100 module.
> So I'm not totally clear how this should work, but as
> far as I understand, when I mount the CD and load the
> installer modules, it should load this
> nic-extra-module that you are talking about and find
> the eepro100 module afterward. And if I'm correct the
> user is not given the option to choose this particular
> module.
> So either something change since beta2 that doesnt
> load this module this nic-extra-module ot I'm doing
> something differently that make it not load...
This was on #debian-boot:
01:12 < pryan> The beta2 iso is apparently missing megaraid and eepro100.
01:17 < joeyh> both are inncluded. How are you booting the installer?
01:25 < joeyh> could you please go learn how to use irc elsewhere? thanks
01:27 < pryan> joeyh: really, both are there?  I booted the netinst ISO, selected "expert" and when it got to the hw autodetect it barfed up an error message about these two missing modules.
01:27 < joeyh> just continue on, let it find your cd, load the modules from it, and re-do the hardware detection
01:27 < pryan> ok, thanks
01:27 < joeyh> it's complaining because you are in expert mode, and presumably want to know about minor problems
01:27  * pryan heads back to the server room.
01:37 < pryan> joeyh: Schweet, it is working.  I must say, besides the preemptive error message this installer is looking pretty cool.

I will close this bugreport in a next message.

> > BTW, you can run lspci on a installed computer.
> I cant run it on the failed installation. Maybe that
> should be another bug.
> > I belief in education of users, telling them
> > they are flooding the people that they are asking
> > for help or a fix.
> Well, I'm not asking for help.
> I see it the other way: Debian people are asking
> install report to help debug. I could have taken any
> stable CD image to install debian, but instead I
> choose to try to help out, in my very small way, by
> trying out a daily build. Sorry if this was more harm
> than help.
> And I dont think I'm flooding. I think its a good
> practice to report logs with bug reports. I guess
> there is a matter of how much is too much, but the
> threshold is a matter of opinion or policy, and my
> personnal opinion is that 100K is OK. I'll redo the
> same anytime unless there is a policy that says who
> much is too much.
> But of course I probably wont anytime soon since I
> finally installed Debian from a beta2 snapshot.

Fine, do the thing that you are think that are right,
I'm not gonna argue with you about "where was the request
to send the (unfiltered) logfiles?"

> -- Thanks

Geert Stappers

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