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Rescue with Promise Ultra133 TX2

Hi list!

I'm facing a problem with an old K6-2/400 fileserver on an Asus P/I-XP55T2P4 Mainboard. Since the old bios (already flashed to the "newest" version) does not support large harddisks (even if I turn the harddisks off!) and the computer would otherwise not boot, my colleague and I put in an Promise Ultra133 TX2 (also with the last bios flashed). The boot-harddisk is also on this controller.

It was already running very fine with Debian 3.0. But then I changed the NIC and had to recompile some kernel modules. Unfortunatelly somehow I killed Lilo (it just says "LI"), so I wanted to boot from the rescue disk. I already used the bf2.4 and the idepci flavour. I use the boot parameters "boot: rescue idebus=66 ide2=0xd800 root=/dev/hde1". It then starts, recognizes the harddisks and reports the correct size, but it says something like "Probing with status (0x50) instead of ALTSTATUS (0xff)". It comes further to the partition check of hde, but then it stops. I don't know, what 'he' wants to tell me, what he dislikes. Have I forgotten some parameters? Not using the idebus=xx does not change anything. Please help me!

Kind regards

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