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Bug#232071: base-config: Output messed up with ISO-8859-2 locales

Package: base-config
Version: 2.11
Severity: normal

(this bug report does not necessarily belong to base-config....)

There was some report by M. Bauer which stated, besides other problems, that
base-config output is messed up:

Dear list.

I am trying new Debian installer (sid_d-i sarge-i386-netinst.iso
from 5.2.2004). I choose installation in czech, everything goes ok,
but labels in cfdisk are showing only to the first accented character
and then disappear.

After reboot (to second-stage), I don't see (czech) accented
characters, but some other symbols (like percent, box, average mark,
...) instead of š,�ome texts are not localized and are showing
in english (creating user and mail setup).


Miroslav Kure did some tests and concluded the following:

> The accented charcater problem is more worrying. However, it may
> probably be related to #226200 which was closed on Feb 5th by a
> base-config upload.

I did some test with today's 20040209 netinst sid iso (Base Config
2.08) and indeed, accented characters are broken (see the second
screenshot at http://www.debian.cz/~kurem/shots/) -- black boxes
shouldn't be there, all characters whith following "`" above them are
wrong (we use only "'" (and wedge and circlet) :-)

[ ... common boot messages]
termwrap: locale-gen: Generating locales...
termwrap: locale-gen:   cs_CZ.ISO-8859-2... done
termwrap: locale-gen: Generation complete
info: Switching console charset mapping to ISO-8859-2
/usr/bin/charset: line 117: /dev/tty: Such device or address doesn't exist
[base-config starts ... ]

I suppose previous line should be the problem. (The error message was
localized (see the first picture), so my reverse translation may not
be acurate).
I skimmed through the base-config, logged in and tried to get it
working. Standard locale was set to POSIX.

I suppose we need to load correct (iso-8859-2) font:

# echo "set SCREEN_FONT=iso02.f16" >> /etc/console-tools/config
# echo "set APP_CHARSET_MAP=iso02" >> /etc/console-tools/config
# /etc/init.d/console-screen.sh restart

Next, we would like to be able to _type_ accented characters (we can
switch to the Czech layout by the Pause key):

# echo "set convert-meta off" >> /etc/inputrc

log in on the next console, run 

# export LANG=cs_CZ"  #obvious locale stuff
# echo -ne "\033(K"   #so we can see accented chars. (blanks otherwise)
# base-config         #our testing program

and voila! (see the last picture).

I'm not quite sure if all these steps are necessary - this is "proven"
setup which inherits itself for generations.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'testing'), (400, 'experimental')
Architecture: i386 (i686)
Kernel: Linux 2.6.1
Locale: LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=fr_FR.UTF-8 (ignored: LC_ALL set to fr_FR.UTF-8)

Versions of packages base-config depends on:
ii  adduser                 3.51             Add and remove users and groups
ii  apt                     0.5.21           Advanced front-end for dpkg
ii  aptitude                0.2.13-2         curses-based apt frontend
ii  bsdutils                1:2.12-6         Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite
ii  console-data            2002.12.04dbs-28 Keymaps, fonts, charset maps, fall
ii  console-tools           1:0.2.3dbs-47    Linux console and font utilities
ii  debconf                 1.4.9            Debian configuration management sy
ii  debianutils             2.6.2            Miscellaneous utilities specific t
ii  gettext-base            0.13.1-2         GNU Internationalization utilities
ii  passwd                  1:4.0.3-17       Change and administer password and

-- debconf information excluded

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