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[Solved] kernel-image*.deb missing (aka lilo won't install)

First, my apoligizes for the dup. For some reason, gmane kept my post
for almost 8 hours before delivering it...

I am going to describe how I eventually managed to install from the
network, which could be of some interest to Martin B. and certainly some
others. I have no insight on the installation process and so one, as I
brilliantly gave demonstration in my previous posts, so please comment
to make my instructions safer or tidier.

The objective is to install a kernel-image, which uses mkinitrd.

0) Normal installation up to lilo's screen
1) Alt-F2 to change to the shell prompt on tty2
2) mkinitrd needs to read /proc/partitions, so:
mount none -t proc /proc
3) mkinitrd also uses /dev/fd/*, so:
4) Alright, move to our brand new system:
chroot /target
5) Yeah, we have an editor (vi). Edit /etc/mkinitrd/mkinitrd.conf
and change
(which doesn't work, probably because /etc/fstab is empty)
ROOT=/dev/hda1 ## Or whatever device your root "/" filesystem is
6) Everything is ready, I think, for the installation to succeed:
apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.23-1-686 ## or 586, or k6, etc

If that works, you may go back to tty1 (Alt-F1) and install lilo.

Note: I am not quite sure if the "mount none -t proc /proc" command
should be run in the chrooted environment or in the outer one...

Hope that helps someone.

Daniel Déchelotte

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