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the minor renaming [1]

Thiemo has committed his excellent revamped build/, so all of our image
names have changed. This will probably break most daily builds, CD
builds, and some documentation. Here's how the new setup looks for i386:

|-- cdrom
|   |-- boot.img
|   |-- initrd.gz
|   `-- vmlinuz
|-- floppy
|   |-- access
|   |   |-- boot.img
|   |   |-- drivers.img
|   |   `-- root.img
|   |-- boot.img
|   |-- cd-drivers.img
|   `-- net-drivers.img
|-- hd-media
|   |-- boot.img.gz
|   |-- initrd.gz
|   `-- vmlinuz
'-- netboot
    |-- initrd.gz
    `-- vmlinuz

If you run a daily build using the build/daily-build script, you should
be ok, If you use some other method, the targets used to build and the
images in dest/ have all changed. The daily-build script will now work
on all architectures, so you should switch over to using it. When you
do, it will probably be easier to change the URL to your daily builds
too, and this will make it easier to transition the CD builds. Let me
know about changed urls and I'll update the ports status page. (ia64's
URL has already changed.)

Any documentation that talks about image names will need to be updated.
I have updated the INSTALLATION-HOWTO so far. I guess the manual will
need to be fixed. So will Pascal's USB page.

I've also updated debian-cd to use the new image names for i386, but
have not yet downloaded an ISO to test it, and Manty will need to cvs up
before tomorrow's build. debian-cd's support for other arches will need
to be updated too.

see shy jo

[1] usenet we ain't

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