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Re: m68k port status

Stephen R Marenka wrote:
> I'm currently further along in an install than I've ever gotten, all the
> way to selecting the kernel to install. (Rats, my cd seems to be missing
> some files.) I expect to finish a full install soon, then we'll be about
> ready to start widespread testing.

I guess you are talking about the mac subarchitecture.

> Here's my TODO list.
> These are fixes than need testing.
>     * partman: fix in my tree: test & commit: template 
>       comment weirdness
>     * iso-scan: fix in my tree: test & commit: hfs partition & 
>       2.2-style disk names, loopback fixed?
>     * userdevfs: fix in my tree: test & commit: setup cdroms: 
>       ide & scsi 
> These are things than need further investigation, probably in the order
> I plan on working on them.
>     * Integrate new build system

I have "mac" as the currently only subarch for m68k in the new build
system. I would be happy if you could test this soon.


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