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install report: sid on i386, pure SCSI


trying to install  sarge-i386-netinst.iso  from
on a pure SCSI drives me crazy :-]

First, the CD does not boot with standard settings, where KNOPPIX 
boots easily. Fiddling around with controller and BIOS settings
finally gets the system up, but soon it loops endlessly:
after selecting language and keyboard, hardware detection executes
and then the CD could not be mounted (as expected after reading the 
Instalaltion-HOWTO). Next screen says "...failed to find and mount 
a Debian CD...". Next screen is Main Menu. Selecting either "Detect 
and mount CD-ROM" or "Load installer components" both restarts 
hardware detection, this time telling me that it is missing modules
'initio' and '8238too' and I need to load them from a floppy.
This continues endlessly.

>From a shell, I can mount the CDrom_driver floppy (BTW: the HOWTO
says I need the SCSI_drivers floppy, but there is none. It would
reduce the pain to test the installer somewhat if the HOWTO would
suggest the right floppy). Now if I only knew what to do with the
udebs on that floppy... googling around did not help at all..



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