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debian install lilo problem

Greetings - 

I am writing this as i've been on the debian-boot irc channel a few times...

I did note that someone else brought up this same problem, with no response that I noted...

I have a xp box that I want to add debian to.  It's a 2.67 ghz P4 w/ 1gig of ram and a 200gb hard drive and a 80gb second drive.

xp takes up 30gb of the 200gb drive (drive a) and the 80gb drive (drive b) is a fat32 share drive for linux/xp for ogg's and videos, etc for burning and what not.

The install seems to go fine, and i'm able to partition the rest of the 200gb drive with no problem and it seems to install the base system.  But when it gets to the LILO section, it defaults to this:  


if you select that it goes to a black screen that says something about modprobe and something failed (it rips by too fast to read).

Is that black screen logged anywhere?

And does anyone have any ideas as to what's happening to me?

Thanks in advance

Chris K -

(hopeful) new debian user

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