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Re: D-I and UTF-8

Alastair McKinstry wrote:
Am Luan, 2004-02-02 ag 17:39, scríobh Nikolai Prokoschenko:
I must have missed the discussion, as this question should have been
raised several times: If the first stage of the installer uses UTF-8
anyway, wouldn't it be wiser to configure the second step also into
UTF-8 and thus make UTF-8 the default encoding?

BTW, I know the console is currently almost uncapable of UTF-8, but
anyway -- it won't ever be, as I see it... Redhat has done the step,
what should be done, so that Debian can also?

The problem is that it in some circumstances _reduces_ functionality at
the moment.

With a UTF-8 console you lose the ability to do compose characters (eg.
accents). ie a de_DE.ISO_8859-15 locale allows you to enter accents, but a
de_DE.UTF-8 one doesn't: the problem is that the kernel ABI (even in
2.6) defines
(char base, char diactritic) -> char result_char

(See struct kbdiacr in /usr/include/linux/kd.h)

Is there a fix for this in the works? Or is this a "we could fix it, but it would break everything..." deal?

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