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Re: D-I translations: tasksel (Denis Barbier mail to -i18n)

On Wed, Jan 21, 2004 at 09:36:38PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Ok then, I have moved tasksel to alioth. At the same time, I have
> switched it over to using subversion. So the uris to check it out are:
> developer:
> 	svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/tasksel
> anonymous:
> 	svn://svn.debian.org/tasksel
> Randolph and I are project admins. Since there is no general translation
> group yet on alioth, translators will have to apply for commit access
> here too.

Joeyh, would it be ok to add a ocaml task there, in addition to the
C/C++, Perl, Java and i don't remember what else it was. I know the
ocaml task was rejected for the woody release, but back then i was told
it would be ok for sarge.

(CCing to the debian-ocaml-maint mailing list).


Sven Luther

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